Our Services

The Trade Information Service of the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment, offers the following trade information and related services to facilitate access to reliable and up-to-date trade and business information.

Trade Information Inquiries Reply Service
The Trade Information Service of the Ministry provides responses to trade information inquires that reach it. It will respond to inquiries through the provision of information either in person or through the use of most convenient ways of dissemination techniques such as email, telephone, fax, postal mail or referral to other relevant sources of trade information as appropriate. For any trade information inquiry you may have, please contact us via email at info@motie.gov.gm, telephone at +220 422 8868 or fax at +220 422 7756 or send us your inquiry using the Customer Interface facility on this website. Alternatively, you are also welcome to visit our Office located at Independence Drive Street in Banjul.

Trade Information Advisory
The Trade Information Service of the Ministry will provide trade information advisory to Gambian businesses, policy makers as well as foreign clients with respect to sourcing a particular trade and related information, accessing to market information, on export business procedures and requirements, and on the overall export management processes. The advisory service can be offered upon in person visit to our Office or through telephone and/or other convenient ways.

Trade Information Reference Centre
In addition to the inquiry reply and advisory services, the Ministry makes accessible a Trade Information Reference Centre within its premises for a variety of clients, specifically to those who are engaged in foreign trade and other government institutions who want to research on or consult trade information resources. A wide range of information resources are physically available in the reference Centre. If you wish to visit our reference Centre, you are most welcome to visit our Office located at the above mentioned address.

Trade Information Portal
Among other services, the Trade Information Service of the Ministry operates this Gambia Trade Information Portal which will serve as a gateway for accessing reliable, current and comprehensive business and trade information resources, databases and market intelligence online. The range of trade information accessible through this Portal include: market information including prices and tends, product profiles, company directories, trade statistics, market access conditions and opportunities, business, trade finance and investment opportunities, quality and standards, trade fairs and events, market researches, trade policy and strategies, trade agreements and negotiation, and WTO related information. The Portal will also provide useful online resources and links on global trade and trade related information and institutions.

Company and Product Promotion
The Ministry will promote Gambian export products and companies engaged in the export trade by deploying specific product and/or company advertisements through mainly the use of its Trade Information Portal. Exporting companies are invited to provide a brief account of their business, including the products and services they are engaged in along with their companies’ logo and product pictures.
Trade Information Networking
To facilitate exchange and sharing of trade information and information resources, the Ministry actively promotes information networking among the various relevant public and private sector trade support institutions. This networking will be mainly carried out through the use of the Gambia Trade Information Network facility built as part of this trade information portal. The exchange of information through such network will be used to enrich the trade information resources that will be made accessible to the business community as well as other key domestic and foreign clients.