M.O.T.I.E @ the workshop on WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement

The directorate of employment of ministry of trade, industry, regional integration and employment on a training on Labor market information system at the MoTRIE conference room... more

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Today 6th of march marks the first monday meeting of the professional staffs, heads of units and directorates Under the visionary leadership of our able Permanent secretary-... more



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Trade Facilitation Committee Meeting

The meeting was held yesterday 29th June 2016 at Ministry of Trade Conference room and It was chaired by Honorable Abdoulie Jammeh the Director of Trade. The issues discuss are :


Cashew-nut marketing has, within the past three days, taken a definite downward trend, both in terms of declining prices and volumes of stocks available for sale. Prices have gone down significantly in all the three production regions: North Bank, West Coast and Lower River Regions. Marketing is now moving at quite a dull pace as farmers work more on their farms, preparing for the upcoming rains, while awaiting picks from the third harvest...

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Quarterly Meeting of Trade Information Network Members

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Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment (MOTIE)

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Trade Information Products & Service

This document provides you with the list of information products and related services offered by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment (MOTIE) along with the timing and frequency of production and dissemination of the information products. Also, the document contains a list of responsible persons in chagre of production and dissemination of the various information products. Should you have a question relating to a specific type of information or service, please contact the respective responsible person using the inquiry form on this website.

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