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Cashew Sector Strategy

National Export Strategy

Export Commodities

Fish and fishery products are the second largest export commodity for Gambia. The Gambian fish is mainly consumed in EU and Asia Countries because of its variety of species and qualities.

The catching and exportation process is guided by national standard and international best practices to ensure good hygiene and safety. Among the species produce, sole fish is the main exported variety.

Export Commodities

The main export product from the Gambia is groundnut. Gambian groundnuts are worldwide recognized for its superior quality and diversity of varieties. Ecological production methods ensure sustainable and environmental friendly practices. Low aflatoxin levels in Gambian groundnuts increase acceptance and consumption safety of the produce according to various international standards. Thousands of families benefit from the production, processing and exporting of Gambian groundnuts that are consumed especially in European and Asian countries.

The Gambia SCEDP Newsletter, December 2013 - February 2014

The Gambia SCEDP Newsletter, September - November 2013

The Gambia SCEDP Newsletter, June - August 2013

The Gambia EIF Projects

One of the trade related capacity building projects financed under the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) Programme is the Sector Competitiveness and Export Diversification Project (SCEDP), which  aims at responding to some of the trade related development priorities identified in the Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) of the Gambia by providing agriculture sector specific support for cashew nuts, groundnuts and sesame through finding new export opportunities and product diversification.

The Gambia and the WTO

The Gambia has been an active member of the WTO since 23 October 1996. An array of information relating to Gambia's engagement in the WTO, including information on its membership, Goods and Services schedules, MFN exemptions, tariff data and trade statistics, trade policy reviews, dispute cases involving the Gambia, notifications from the Gambia, and other official documents are directly accessible from the WTO website at The Gambia and the WTO.