Key Services Export


Travel, mainly personal travel is The Gambia’s commercial service with the highest export value.

The promising aviation industry contributes significantly to employment creation and The Gambia’s integration into the global economy.


Air and Sea transport are the two main forms of service exported by The Gambia. Logistics and cargo handling services play an important role in supporting operations between Gambian businesses and their trading partners.


The insurance industry is one of the fastest growing activities due to a large influx of new companies entering the market. As a result, the export value of insurance services increased from $568,000 to $9,112,000 over a four year period (2008 – 2012).


Telecommunications remains one of the most important drivers of economic growth and connectivity of the Gambian business community with the rest of the world.

Increasing foreign investment in the sector fosters high technology transfer, service enhancement and job creation.


Gambian construction companies are now diversifying and exporting their construction services to neighbouring countries in the ECOWAS sub-region particularly Senegal and Nigeria.

High quality in design and construction plus time and cost effectiveness prompt unprecedented success of this service sector nowadays.