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Regional Trade Agreements

The Gambia is a member of the World Trade Organization and ECOWAS and has Bilateral Cooperation with a number of its trading partners. The Gambia therefore benefits from non-reciprocal duty-free preferential treatment from many industrialized countries under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP), and related schemes like the European Union's Everything But Arms (EBA) Initiative. Other Developing Countries such as India, Korea, and Morocco also extend Duty-free and Quota-free or reduced-duty preferences to LDCs, including The Gambia.

Exports from The Gambia can therefore access these markets at preferential duty rates. Gambian domestically produced products that meet the requirements of the ECOWAS Trade Liberalization Scheme (ETLS) can also access the markets of the other fourteen ECOWAS member states duty-free and quota-free.

The Gambian products can access the following markets at preferential duty rates:

The ECOWAS Market

The ECOWAS Trade Liberalization Scheme (ETLS) for industrial products originating from Member States of the Community entered into force on 1 January 1990. The objective of the scheme is to improve intra-ECOWAS trade by removing import duties and taxes on industrial products that qualify under the scheme.

The ECOWAS Member States are implementing the ECOWAS ETLS. Gambian registered Companies that meet any of the following criteria will be eligible for export of industrial products to the ECOWAS market under the ETLS:

• Industrial products whose raw material wholly originate from ECOWAS Member States;

• Industrial products for which at least 60% of the raw material comes from the ECOWAS Me mber states

• Industrial products whose raw materials from the ECOWAS region is less than 60% or whose raw materials are wholly from outside the ECOWAS region but have a value-added of at least 30% of the ex-factory price.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014