About Us

The Gambia Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment (MOTIE) plays a principal role in facilitating trade and in promoting employment generation and regional initiatives within the context of a globalised trade regime. The Ministry embarks on a broader national effort to expand the export base of the Country, to maintain an open and competitive business environment and to create employment opportunities for the growing population. Specifically, the Ministry facilitates trade and promotes labour-intensive employment initiatives by leveraging resources and forging strong partnerships with the private sector for the transformation of The Gambia into a trading, export-oriented nation, thriving on free market policies and well-integrated into the multilateral trading system.

MOTIE is also responsible for establishing the appropriate setting for private sector development, improved economic growth, trade promotion, and a reduction in poverty. This responsibility is implemented by the creation and application of trade policy and programmes for the growth of trade and execution of policies that will promote commercial production to expand export trade, and the preparation of employment policies, programmes and strategies for the private sector in Gambia.

As part of its efforts to facilitate trade and investment as well as to generate employment, the Ministry finds it critical to ensure that trade and related business information has been made easily accessible to the Gambian business community as well as the Government. Accordingly, facilitating access to reliable, accurate and current business and trade information has been given increasing priority by the Ministry.

In this regard, the Ministry has taken the initiative to develop a national level trade information service, which will respond to the needs of the business community and support trade development through the management and dissemination of relevant trade information to target beneficiaries. Consequently, under the implementation of the Sector Competitiveness and Export Diversification Project of the Government of the Gambia, the Ministry has established a consolidated Trade Information Service.

In an effort to facilitating access to trade information, the Trade Information Service of the Ministry will provide various services to the Gambian business community, to the government as well as to key foreign clients, such as foreign buyers.

One of the main services of the Trade Information Service is the Gambia Trade Information Portal (GTIP) facility. The Portal aims to provide access to trade information and related resources and services on a wide range of topics and issues, ranging from business and market oriented information to policy making and trade promotion.

Through the use of the Portal the Ministry endeavours to address the information needs of the various stakeholders by providing reliable, current and easily accessible trade information and related services. The Portal also facilitates an online one stop shop facility for trade information service. The online information service aims to attract foreign buyers into the Gambian market while enabling Gambian exporters to create business contacts to expand export business.

In addition to being a useful trade information resource, the GTIP provides a virtual networking platform for various trade support institutions of Gambia to share and exchange business and trade information. This further enriches the resourcefulness of the Portal through active participation of relevant stakeholders in information exchange.

In summary, the Trade Information Service of the Ministry mainly provides and facilitates access to the following trade and related information:

  • Current market information
  • Market research and studies
  • Market access information
  • Quality, standards and technical requirements as well as related legislations
  • Export business management, procedure and documentations
  • Business and related information, including global trading opportunities and company databases
  • Trade finance and investment opportunities
  • Information on external trade sector, covering export, import and balance of payments
  • Trade and related policies, strategies, agreements and technical cooperation
  • Information on trade promotion, facilitation and related logistics
  • Trade and production statistics
  • Useful online resources and links on global trade and trade related information and institutions